Do you find yourself ruminating on a particular feeling or thought repeatedly but not sure if it’s right or wrong?  Are you convinced about an issue but try to make excuses by living in denial? It’s time to start trusting your instinct.                                       87487-83411

If we learn to trust our instincts, we will be able to make more wise decisions and reduce mistakes we make. That thing called gut feeling is real, it’s a built-in guide inside each person to help with discernment. People who advise to search for answers deep within know that it is certain to find it there.

Unfortunately, because there are many other conflicting thoughts and desires in people’s minds and hearts, they tend to overshadow the main guide. It then clouds the thought process of the decision maker and confuse him or her to make wrong decisions. You may ask that, how can you possibly know which one of these thoughts are the right instinct. This is a great question. The amazing thing about instinct is that, it recurs and it is persistent until you either accept it or shut it out of your mind. The best way to connect with it for the right conviction is by being calm to connect to your inner being. This is the point where some will meditate by thinking without interference and disruptions. This helps to filter out  all of the nagging deceptive thoughts to focus on your personal goals and the purpose of the decision you are trying to make. You then carefully settle for the thought that makes you feel peaceful. The answer lies within.

Running from your problems.


If you can run without ever stopping, you might escape from your problems. If there was ever such a case of a person running without stopping, they will be considered insane. Running does not and will not take the pain away; it only temporarily gives a break from the situation. It might take a person’s mind away from the current situation however, after running, everything starts rushing back. The problem is all in the mind and it remains there, being mind-boggling until it is addressed. Running may complicate a problem depending on the length of time it takes to return to address the issue.

The best way to overcome a circumstance is to face it and deal with it. This provides opportunity for learning and also gives room for having inner peace. Dealing with your problem also shows an extraordinary level of maturity. It’s about time to stop running and start freeing yourself by addressing those challenges adequately in order to bring out the best in you.

People you’ve got to have in your life

1.) Family- This isn’t by choice. Everyone has family, except human beings have begun falling from the sky. The foundation of a person’s existence starts with the family.

2.) True Lovers- They add a completely new spin to your world, they can be supportive of your dreams and aspirations. A new experience of love outside the family.

3.) Haters- Everyone need haters in their lives, they validate the fact that you’re a doing something right. There are two possible outcomes of having haters, they can either intimidate you or motivate you. In order words, paying attention to haters’ actions can lead to low self-esteem while disregarding will help you to stay focused on yourself.

4.) Enemies- Enemies can be known and unknown but they are more dangerous than haters. They are considered an extension of haters. While it is not healthy to have enemies, they indirectly help you to challenge yourself to become a better person and be a true fighter.

Making comparison= a bitter or better you.

What makes you compare yourself to other people? Comparisons are made by assessing the similarities and differences between two things or people. Time investment is involved in the process because there is effort made to obtain information about the other person either through direct observation or third party report. There are several reasons why people compare themselves to others, which can be good or bad. They include but are not limited to the following;


Jealousy– Regardless of what form jealousy takes, it indicates that you think less of yourself and feel like someone else has something you don’t have. You just wish you were that person. It is not always a good feeling.

Envy– You constantly ponder on what makes the other person so special but can’t seem to understand or comprehend it. It grieves you and makes you sick to your stomach that someone else is happy or doing well. You might be better than the person but just feel disgusted at him or her for reasons known or unknown to you. In layman’s terms, you’re a HATER.

Pride- This is when you convince yourself that you are better than the other person. You will go to any length to prove this. It leads to boasting, and it has an attribute of envy, and jealousy. There is nothing positive about pride.

Motivation – Comparing yourself to other people in some instances can help you to become a better person. For example, a student in your class spends more time than you do studying and does better on exams; you can be motivated by comparing yourself to him or her.

Competition – Looking at another person to measure your progress or performance can be a good way of motivating yourself; call it “good competition”. Nevertheless, competition can either be negative or positive. When you’re comparing yourself to another person for competitiveness, the following underlying factors such as jealousy, envy, or motivation can be involved. Bad competition is when you would do anything to get the other person out of the way in other for you to get ahead or better than them.

At one point or the other, everyone finds themselves in situations where they make comparisons. Your reasons and feelings are known to you. Bad reasons can lead to a bitter you and good reasons can lead to a better you. Share your experience

Life is a race

Life is a race

Dictate the pace

Make it a chase and end up living in haste

A well lived life leaves a trace

Focus on the race with a straight face

Make every hurdle count

Even when in doubt as a result of drought

Finish strong with much to recount

London Marathon

Life is a race

Most likely a marathon

Make it what you want, 100m, 200m, 400m, e.t.c.

A Few reach the finish line within a short period of time

Many take longer to finish

Some get lost in the race

Casualties take some out

Determination and strong will propels toward a fulfilling race

Regardless of where your personal race ends

What matters is how well the race was ran and the effort put into it.

Looking good, feeling ugly

When you see me, you see a glowing light
When you see me, you see happiness
When we talk, I brighten up your day
When you cry, I am there to cheer you up
But, If only you had the slightest idea of how ugly I feel inside.
If only you can see my gloomy nights
Spend a little more time with me and you would sense my flight of fears
Look deeper into my eyes and you would see my pool of tears
Listen harder and you would hear my heart crying out loud for help
Beneath that smile lies a strain of pain
Looking good outside, feeling ugly inside.

Dear Rapist (Sex Slave),

Who goes out simply for the purpose of getting some kind of rough, violent sex at the detriment of the other party? What in the world happened to the sanctity of enjoying having sex with mutual consent? What human being in the proper frame of mind will go out to inflict pain on another person for pleasure? There are many cases of people being sexually aggressive as a result of uncontrollable sexual urges. It is not about the urge, it is more about the thought processing and decision making on how to satisfy the desire.

There is no reasonable excuse for the act of a rapist, it is always a conscious act committed in a ruthless manner. You take time to think about what you want, and how to get it. It doesn’t just happen, you have more than enough chance to stop yourself but you keep telling yourself “no I’ve got to do it.” The moment you are unable to stop your thought and abnormally raging hormone, therefore proceeding to plunge your filthiness into anything or anyone, you have lost touch with reality.

To you pedophile, spare the little children, they are to be protected and cared for. Raping little girls and molesting little boys is another level of heartlessness and brutality. It is simply inhuman, it goes to show how disturbed and deranged you are. It indicates that you do not believe in yourself, you have low self-esteem, no personality, lack of integrity and dignity.

Sex is only for temporary gratification but it leaves lasting impression on people involved. Your few minutes act creates a lasting scars on your victims. Dear rapist, are you ever satisfied or happy after performing your act of wickedness? It’s impossible to get long lasting satisfaction from your activities because you will keep looking for more. This eventually gets you behind bars where you should probably be kept for the safety of people. Wild and vicious animals are usually locked up and secluded from others. You can tell yourself you are not an animal, but if you find it difficult to control your abnormal sexual desire to hurt other people, consider yourself one.

Dear rapist, why don’t you find something better to do with your life and release yourself from the sexual bondage you are in. You have become a slave to your sexual desires.If you don’t care about yourself, don’t drag people down with you and leave them feeling worthless and depressed for the rest of their lives.