Do you find yourself ruminating on a particular feeling or thought repeatedly but not sure if it’s right or wrong?  Are you convinced about an issue but try to make excuses by living in denial? It’s time to start trusting your instinct.                                       87487-83411

If we learn to trust our instincts, we will be able to make more wise decisions and reduce mistakes we make. That thing called gut feeling is real, it’s a built-in guide inside each person to help with discernment. People who advise to search for answers deep within know that it is certain to find it there.

Unfortunately, because there are many other conflicting thoughts and desires in people’s minds and hearts, they tend to overshadow the main guide. It then clouds the thought process of the decision maker and confuse him or her to make wrong decisions. You may ask that, how can you possibly know which one of these thoughts are the right instinct. This is a great question. The amazing thing about instinct is that, it recurs and it is persistent until you either accept it or shut it out of your mind. The best way to connect with it for the right conviction is by being calm to connect to your inner being. This is the point where some will meditate by thinking without interference and disruptions. This helps to filter out  all of the nagging deceptive thoughts to focus on your personal goals and the purpose of the decision you are trying to make. You then carefully settle for the thought that makes you feel peaceful. The answer lies within.


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