Relationships and happiness.

623-03556397Should you depend on your partner for happiness? It is crucial to understand that happiness is a state of mind rather than an acquired emotion. What’s the point of being in a relationship if happiness is absent? Couples are commonly asked whether they are happy in their relationship.This is because, the state of a relationship can affect a person’s emotion. For example, having an abusive or inconsiderate partner can  and will make anyone unhappy. While situations surrounding a person can influence his/her level of happiness, the ability to channel these situations positively or negatively depends on the individuals. In order words, happiness starts from within and this helps to secure and regulate your emotions. It is about the choices made on how to react or respond to situations.

Common mistakes made with relation to happiness in a relationship;

-There are several unrealistic expectations of happiness from relationships.

– People tend to rely so much on partners to make bring happiness

– Having the wrong perception of happiness

– Not recognizing when a partner is trying to make you happy

– Expecting partner to heal every hurt incurred from past relationships.

It is important to avoid making the above listed mistakes and make effort to change perception of love being a product of a relationship. It should rather be viewed as an attribute people need to keep a relationship going and work better with each other. If a person is unhappy for any reason, the relationship and everyone  else around will be affected in one way of the other. Therefore, let happiness flow from inside and any effort made by a partner to contribute to it will be a bonus. On the other hand, it is possible for people in relationships to make each other unhappy by their action and words. In this case, if happiness has always been present, it becomes easier to address the issues and know when to draw the line when state of happiness is being jeopardized.

When a person enters into a relationship without any ray of happiness they set unrealistic expectation for a partner to start filling their empty heart. The problem with this is that, the partner is not aware of how deep the emptiness is and how much needs to be done to fill the emptiness. This person is just trying to love and to be loved in turn, they are not therapists or magicians.





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