When your partner gives a gift you don’t like.

imagesShould you pretend to like it or be honest? Every once in a while, there is tendency to get an unusual gift from a loved one. When this happens, one becomes confused about how to react in order not to hurt the giver’s feelings. However, the receiver wants to be able to express the fact that this gift is not acceptable, desirable, or tolerable.

So here is what to do,

– In this writer’s opinion, Accept the gift first and common courtesy demands that a person should have a clear sense of appreciation to show gratitude for the time and thoughtfulness of the giver.

– If you are allergic to the gift, explain right after accepting the gift but do not return it. Give it to someone else.

-If you are not allergic but dislike it,  sooner or later, your partner needs to know. So, wait  till days or weeks later, you can drop hints about things you like. Also, if you both are comfortable with each other and have good level of communication, you can be totally honest about your thoughts regarding the gift(s) in the middle of one of your conversations.


-Do not show right away that you don’t like it-  Some might say, this is being deceptive but it is called being appreciative.

– Do not throw the gift back in your partner’s face

-Do not totally wait for too long getting the same unpleasant gift over and over again, you won’t feel good after a while.

In all, honesty is important but be wise in expressing yourself in order to avoid hurting your partner or lover’s feelings.

Share your personal experience and what you did.


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