Why Date?

Dating has almost become human beings’ next nature. Children under age 7 are talking about boyfriend/girlfriend. One might be provoked to ask, is dating a requirement for human existence? It has become a social expectation to the extent that some people who have difficulty finding love hurt themselves or get depressed as a result.

Why then do people date?

Interesting question that ought to be ruminated upon by everyone who intends to date or who are currently in relationships. It won’t be surprising to find that some don’t know why they date or desire to date.
A few reasons people give- “Sex,” “Everyone is dating,” “it’s time to date,” “I am always bored and lonely,” and peer pressure.

Many people date for reasons unknown to them, thereby forcing themselves to be with an incompatible partner.

Five reasons why you should date.

– Date because you want to love and be loved in return

– Date because you are mature enough to handle a relationship

-Date because you want to share your time with someone you can trust

– Date to learn how to tolerate other people

-Date to improve your social life

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You Need Marriage Counseling if…………….

You need counseling If………..

– You are dating and  considering getting married to your current partner

-You find yourself considering getting external help to improve your relationship

-You find it difficult to communicate effectively with your partner

– You feel like you and your partner are not on the same page and you don’t know why

– You and your partner love each other but struggle to make each other happy

– Your marriage has experienced a lot of changes you can’t adjust to.

– You are roommates rather than lovers

– You are contemplating separation and/or divorce.

_ You want to improve your relationship and are not sure how to make it happen

Don’t be afraid or shy to seek help, you are only finding ways to have more fulfilling relationship with your partner. Counseling can help you figure out if you really want to be with that person or not. So, take the chance, it just might be all you need to get conviction about the person you are with.

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