100th Article- Is marriage counseling a good idea?

If marriages came with manuals, the rate of divorce will significantly be lower than it presently is. Just like it is with cars, when you get them, you must have some knowledge or insight into driving before you can operate the vehicle. Substantial training and practice is required to be considered a competent driver.  Unfortunately, many incompetent drivers get into the marriage vehicle and expect to turn on the ignition and start driving the car with the risk of crashing.


Why is marriage counseling necessary? Before this question can be answered, ask yourself,  is it possible to drive a car forever without servicing it at some point in time? The answer is no because a car needs regular servicing by experts who are knowledgeable about the buildup of the car. Couples make the mistake of fixing their complex problems themselves and many wait for a long period of time before seeking help. Some little problems can be easily resolved but certain issues are beyond the couple’s scope of knowledge which needs a form of intervention to help them make the marriage work better. Marriage counseling provides guidance on how to make a relationship healthy.

 Why are people not willing to seek counseling?There are several reasons why people are hesitant about seeking counseling. First is the stigma associated with it  as a result of people’s unrealistic assumption that every perfect relationship doesn’t need counseling. Second reason is the failure to admit that a troubled relationship needs intervention. Third, relying on short fix and overlooking the main issue to be addressed. Fourth is the fear of being judged by people for not being able manage a relationship adequately.

The  truth about counseling– It is unfortunate that people only view counseling as a way to solve problems  without  considering it as a way of seeking guidance. Counseling should be viewed as a preventive measure rather than a treatment measure. If thorough counseling is sought beforehand, the necessary tools learned from counseling to prevent or deal with problems will be adequately applied. However, seeking counseling when couples are already sick and tired of their relationships is not always successful but will make a difference. It helps to identify problems and provides tips on how to address them systematically.


Is marriage counseling a good idea?– Marriage counseling is necessary for every couple who aspires to get married and married couples at some point difficult point in their marriage. It helps to improve relationship or marriage. Marriage counseling doesn’t only have to be sought through professional sources, it could be spiritual marriage counseling or informal counseling from well-experienced couples who can provide proper guidance. Marriage counseling just might bring the best out of your relationship.

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Running from your problems.


If you can run without ever stopping, you might escape from your problems. If there was ever such a case of a person running without stopping, they will be considered insane. Running does not and will not take the pain away; it only temporarily gives a break from the situation. It might take a person’s mind away from the current situation however, after running, everything starts rushing back. The problem is all in the mind and it remains there, being mind-boggling until it is addressed. Running may complicate a problem depending on the length of time it takes to return to address the issue.

The best way to overcome a circumstance is to face it and deal with it. This provides opportunity for learning and also gives room for having inner peace. Dealing with your problem also shows an extraordinary level of maturity. It’s about time to stop running and start freeing yourself by addressing those challenges adequately in order to bring out the best in you.