A lover’s past

Everyone has a past but is a dirty past unforgivable? There are several people you know or might have heard of who used to be known as sex symbols but eventually have steady partners. A perfect example is Kendra Wilkinson, a former playboy mansion girl who has been married for more than four years. There was a huge controversy about her being married because people could not overlook her past, however, her husband married her. reality_tv_kendra_2
Also, Lea Michele, star of the show Glee recently started dating a formerly known Male Escort which has gained a lot of attention especially as a result of the guy’s past. Obviously the girl chose to be with him

The society tend to criticize celebrities in such cases but it is not different for regular people. Can you get over your partner’s promiscuous past? Some people argue that they can’t get over how sexually busy their partner have been and can’t be associated with the public criticisms. However, others believe as long as that person is truthful about their past and is absolutely willing to stop, they will look over that past and deal with the present. What is your opinion?

Differences don’t break relationships.

If human beings were all the same, life will be boring. The beauty of relationships lie in the differences in personalities. People get to learn about other things they are not used to or previously aware of. Differences help to broaden your view of life and people. As much as it makes life and love interesting, it has been a major cause of conflicts and break in relationships. For examples, marriages are legally justified to divorce due to irreconcilable differences. This makes differences in personality sound so horrible that people make up there minds to date or marry people of similar personalities. Everyone should know that, irrespective of the similarities two people share whether in the way they act, talk, walk or interact, there will always be differences. Twins born milliseconds apart do have there differences, why then would people from different families be the same?
Therefore, the problems in relationships and marriages are not the differences in personalities, the major issue lies in the ability to tolerate the differences. The longevity and sustainability of a relationships depends on how the people involved are able to communicate effectively and settle their differences amicably. Family members disagree as a result of difference in opinion and personality, but they mostly accept themselves as family regardless. So, if you’re struggling in your relationship as a result of differences between you and your partner, the key to making it work is to find ways of settling your differences and how to work on tolerating each other. Tolerance has helped several marriages to stand the test of time.
Relationships don’t break as a result of differences between partners, rather, it is due to their inability to accept each other’s differences.

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Arrows to my Heart


Like arrows to my heart
Your words cut so deep
Piercing through my veins
With daunting pains
I ponder on the love we share
And wonder if you truly care
My heart bleeds in regret for trusting you
Now I realize our love is untrue.
Away from me, farewell I bid
I hope to find the love that’s real
which seeks out my pain to heal
Never to hurt and pierce me again
But gives my heart strength to retain.

Blind love= stupidity

Love should not be an excuse for stupidity. They say love is blind but these days, love is smarter and more alive than people understand it to be. Several incidences of love turning to hatred, lovers murdering each other, deception and betrayal in relationships are more than enough to convince anyone to love wisely. Blind love can seem very romantic at the beginning of a relationship, but it is unhealthy as it becomes ignorance. Blindness has never been a pleasant experience because it only creates a wrong representation of a partner. The reality of blind love is that only one person in the relationship is blind and the other is not. People who are physically blind can be better than blind lovers because they tend to perceive things better and discern right with their sensory organs. However, blind lovers turn off all of their sensory organs and fail to assess things adequately. To be more direct, blind love is stupid. It is an unhealthy way to love anyone because it prevents people from being realistic in their relationships. It makes it difficult to make sound decision and address serious issues in relationships. Unfortunately, people who love blindly do not realize how bad things have been in their relationships until it crashes. Blind love has left many lovers’ heart broken beyond repair, it has led many people to their own grave as they succumb to abuse from a partner.

Ladies are like, “All men are bad.”

When a lady has had several bad experiences with men, there is tendency to find it difficult to accommodate the thought of any good man still existing on earth. Many women believe that good men are hard to come across, while this is true, it does not mean such men don’t exist.


When a rigid conclusion has been made about all men being bad, it becomes difficult to recognize a good one when he comes along. It is important to be conscious about whoever a person dates especially if there has been a past horrible experience with men, however, it is not healthy to generalize.
Women who believe all men are bad set themselves up for failed relationships because they will either chase the man away or become mentally stressed as a result of their insecurities.

Ladies, do yourself a favor!!! Get rid of the negativity and bitterness you have towards men before thinking of getting into a relationship. Unless the mentality of all men being bad changes, it become almost impossible to see anything good in any man. Such women remain bitter and angry towards men and will always have challenges appreciating a good man when he comes along. Also, the thought of all men being bad can limit the possibilities of ever getting a good man.