Why you shouldn’t compare your partner

It’s almost natural to make comparisons because it helps to determine the quality of anything. However, comparisons are sometimes made with false information and mostly based on wrong assumptions. Here are a few reasons why a person shouldn’t compare partners

1. People are different – There is beauty in the uniqueness of Every individual. No one should desire or settle for a generic partner.

2. It underestimates your partner– When a person compare partners negatively, there is tendency to ignore the good qualities a partner possesses. Getting fixated on another person’s single display of affection can make a person underestimate his or her partner’s ability to show affection.

3. The other person is not what you think – Most people’s obvious behaviors might be make-believe acts which people are foolishly misled by. Things aren’t really as rosy as they seem, for example, a couple who display their affection publicly may be enemies living together but no one can see beyond the obvious.

4. It pushes you to make unrealistic demands– When you compare partners, there is tendency to put pressure on a beloved to be who they are not.

5. It can potentially ruin your relationship– It affects both parties’ happiness which can be attributed to frustration.

Your relationship is unhealthy if…….

 You are always in tears
 You feel disconnected from your partner
 You’ve lost yourself while in the relationship
 You feel disrespected by your partner
 You hate your partner
 You don’t trust your partner
 You are scared of your partner
 You feel trapped
 You don’t understand each other
 You don’t care about your partner’s happiness
 Your partner blames you for everything
 Your partner beats you
 Your partner says bad things about you
 Bad outweighs the good in your relationship
 Everyone around can see it but you
 You choose to settle for an unhealthy relationship.

Something about Love

It is transparent
It is precise
It is selfless
It is fearless
It is timeless
It is limitless
It is bold
It is convincing
It is motivating
It is captivating
It is stimulating
It is accommodating
It is understanding
It is forgiving
It is protective
It is defensive
It is attentive
It is sensitive
It is cooperative
It is considerate
It is honest
It is trustworthy
It is right with the right person