Cyber-world: Relationship privacy terms

Young man and woman lying in bed, man using laptop, overhead view

If the same bed, bathroom, home, and entire physical world is shared, what makes sharing cyber-world so different? Relationships start out as a result of an agreement between people who have committed to sharing their lives. One would expect that such agreement to love, trust and be with one another grants free access to everything associated with the other person, but this is not always the case. Technology has drastically changed the traditional form of communication from face-to-face to e-communication. People prefer to text, talk on the phone, use social media e.t.c. Therefore, a whole new world of human interaction has been created, however we personalize, privatize, and separate it from our regular daily lives. This is a big issue for couples in terms of trust and transparency.

What is privacy in a relationship? It varies depending on people’s personal preferences, relationship status, and defined boundaries. Cyber-world is a place where it is possible for anyone to disguise to be any and everything they are not in real life. It is a world where a person claims personal control over what they do and tend to feel safe and free to do anything without a partner’s intrusion. It becomes easy to cheat on a partner virtually and helps a person to make up excuses of not physically doing anything wrong. It limits transparency in relationships.
Most couples have set spoken or unspoken boundaries of not sharing passwords to phones, Facebook, emails and other technology related information. Many have argued that, granting full access to technology related information can potentially ruin a relationship while others argue that it helps to promote transparency and trust.
As previously stated, privacy in relationships vary depending on the relationship status. Some relationships do have full rights and privileges. For example, a not so serious relationship has a lot of boundaries which may include only having each other’s phone numbers to communicate, with very limited access to other aspects of one another’s lives. People in such relationships have no right or access to each other’s cyber-world unless their relationship status changes. On the other hand, a committed relationship or marriage with two people who have agreed to be one or share their lives together might have more privileges with free access to each other’s world. However, restrictions are strongly placed on sharing cyber-world. Should this be acceptable in committed relationships? To establish complete trust, it is essential for couples to define their relationships’ privacy terms with regards to sharing cyber-world.

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Valentine’s day Ideas

1) Horse Carriage Ride
2) Couples’ dance club
3) Dinner at a Nice Restaurant
4) Dinner Concert
5) Horseback Riding
6) A walk along the beach
7) Recreate your first date
8) Candle light dinner
9) Live Concert/Orchestra
10)Watch a romantic movie together
11)Spend time with each other at home talking, cooking for each other,playing games, and giving each other good loving.
12.) Take a trip to a romantic resort

Gift Ideas

1.) A well composed love poem with flowers
2.) Jewelries (Necklace, wristwatch, e.t.c.)
3.) Perfume
4.) A box of chocolate
5.) Custom made items with your expression of love (mugs, shirts, and candy)

1.) Sexy Boxers
2.) Jewelries (Wrist watch, necklace,Bracelet)
3.) Clothes
4.) Perfume
5.) Yourself in a sexy lingerie

People you’ve got to have in your life

1.) Family- This isn’t by choice. Everyone has family, except human beings have begun falling from the sky. The foundation of a person’s existence starts with the family.

2.) True Lovers- They add a completely new spin to your world, they can be supportive of your dreams and aspirations. A new experience of love outside the family.

3.) Haters- Everyone need haters in their lives, they validate the fact that you’re a doing something right. There are two possible outcomes of having haters, they can either intimidate you or motivate you. In order words, paying attention to haters’ actions can lead to low self-esteem while disregarding will help you to stay focused on yourself.

4.) Enemies- Enemies can be known and unknown but they are more dangerous than haters. They are considered an extension of haters. While it is not healthy to have enemies, they indirectly help you to challenge yourself to become a better person and be a true fighter.