Let the passion simmer before marriage

Being passionately in love is essential for every relationship however the strong, head over heels feeling doesn’t last forever. Love comes in different phases and passion which is the strong desire for one another is a phase within the first few years of coming together.
The intense feelings shared between two intertwined hearts can be uncontrollable to the point of losing touch with reality. Many people believe when you feel strongly connected to a person, it is an indication of being perfect for each other in marriage. This is not always true because other factors are involved. Passion is only a catalyst to ignite your relationship and form a bond but much more attributes are required to sustain a relationship.
People make the costly mistake of getting married when everything seems rosy with the cloud nine feeling but eventually become overwhelmed and unable to tolerate each other. The reason why this is not advisable is that, passion sometimes lead to loving blindly which makes it difficult to make the best judgment.
It works for a few mature minds who can control their feelings but most fall through the cracks when marriage reality hits. Every relationship needs passion but it is imperative to focus more on personality of a partner in order to determine compatibility. Any two individuals can have a connection but not every connection is sustainable. Be logically and realistically passionate about your relationship.

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