Life is a race

Life is a race

Dictate the pace

Make it a chase and end up living in haste

A well lived life leaves a trace

Focus on the race with a straight face

Make every hurdle count

Even when in doubt as a result of drought

Finish strong with much to recount

London Marathon

Life is a race

Most likely a marathon

Make it what you want, 100m, 200m, 400m, e.t.c.

A Few reach the finish line within a short period of time

Many take longer to finish

Some get lost in the race

Casualties take some out

Determination and strong will propels toward a fulfilling race

Regardless of where your personal race ends

What matters is how well the race was ran and the effort put into it.

There is always pressure to cheat.

When in a relationship or marriage, the pressure to cheat is incessant. If you are considering or are already cheating, it shouldn’t be new to you that your partner is also always faced with the option and pressure of cheating. If you are a man who is being pressured by a girl at work who is obsessed with you and can’t stop making advances at you, think about your wife who might always be getting winks from a coworker or the man at the gas station who wants her phone number and vice versa.

There will always be an option to try something different, and some offers will be too good to resist. If you take this offer, you should expect that another one is coming to you soon. If you tell yourself “I will try it this one time and it’s never going to happen again.” you’re lying to yourself. There is no excuse about how much the pressure was, how horny you were, and how annoying your partner is. Cheating is something a person chooses to do. When a person ends up cheating, they make it seem like the pressure was too much. Cheating is never about the external pressure or the form in which the temptation came, it is a test of integrity, and loyalty. Losing your integrity for a moment of pleasure is not worth it, neither is it worth losing your relationship over.


Self Discipline is important for each individual in the marriage or relationship. Your partner can’t go everywhere with you but one way to prevent yourself from giving in to pressure is to carry your partner in your heart everywhere you go. This indicates how special the person is and how important your relationship is to you.

Since you know that your partner always faces the temptation of cheating as much as you do, your response to the pressure is all that matters. Make a wise choice for you and the love of your life because whatever decision you make will affect the people around you either directly or indirectly. The pressure will never stop unless you stop yourself from giving in to it.

It’s just the first date.

The excitement of meeting a new person can make you unnecessarily anxious about your first time out with them. Going on a first date is a big deal because it could be the beginning of something extraordinary. Nevertheless, every moment, action, and detail counts on the first date. It also determines whether there will be a second date or further interaction between the two individuals.

Should you be yourself or not?-
–You should be yourself but do not unveil it all at once, gradually show your personality. It’s like a movie preview, the presentation and the clips shown captivates your attention and desire to see the full movie. It’s possible that the movie itself doesn’t turn out as good as the preview but the marketing strategy is effective in its purpose.
The point is, first impression counts. Most people tend to present the best impression of themselves on a first date, they are more conscious of their behavior and attitude. Does this indicate that you shouldn’t be yourself? No, it only means you shouldn’t go all out about your craziness, be simple. Couples remember their first dates from time to time during the course of their relationship, reminiscing on their perception of each other at that time. Often times, they express what they loved about each other on their first date and why they wanted a second, third, and more dates with each other.

What should you talk about?
— There is no manual or script on how the conversation should go on the first date but the only advice needed is Caution!!! Caution!! Caution!!. It's a time to talk about you, your interests, work, and basic information about yourself. Think of this person as a stranger, you should not give your life away to someone you are just getting to know. In other words, deep and personal information is not to be discussed on the first date. Overwhelming a potential partner with so much details about your life on a first date can be a red flag to chase them away.


First date is an opportunity to carefully assess each other and determine if there is any possibility of a connection to start a relationship. DON’T RUIN IT