In love at different times

An unfortunate case of falling in love is when the feeling is not mutual. It is absolutely impossible for two hearts to synchronize or intertwine when one is uncooperative. A relationship usually starts based on agreement. One asks the other out and they make a decision to date each other. If love was not involved, there will be no consent to stay together.

In  a situation whereby, people are not in love at the same time, there has been a disconnect in communication. It doesn’t matter what the other person does, you just can’t bring yourself to terms with finding happiness with him or her. When one heart is in love,  the other is breaking  or indifferent. Love is a connection, but when it is displaced, the relationship becomes miserable.

When this happens, you must define why you are with the person. This will require travelling back in time to remind yourself about how and why you fell in love. It’s like losing your keys or something dear to your heart, you’ve got to retrace your steps in order to recover it.  While doing this, you begin to think about every step you’ve taken and you should be able to discover how  things changed. However, if after you have thoroughly retraced your steps, you are unable to find any reasonable explanation, it’s time to create a new memory. You will decide what to do, either to start over on a clean slate, or to find a replacement. Read the post titled, “love never dies… we give up on it.”

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Love never dies, we give up on it.


You’ve been single for so long, you don’t really care about finding love anymore. You fail to get hyped about dating and you get irritated at romantic gestures. As a matter fact, you have become anti-romantic (if such word exists).

People practically have to force you to go out on dates and guess what? It is most likely not going to work out well because your mind is completely shut down against it. You will always find something wrong with a potential date, too dark, too skinny, too short, not cute, too attractive. Seriously, look at yourself in the mirror and identify where perfection exist.

What eventually happens to such people is what this writer terms as “Lovemania” (another fabricated word).  The mania part simply means “abnormally elevated mood.” Love will descend hard on you like a gigantic rock, knock you down and leave you begging for mercy.

Basically, you will experience love when you least expect because it will catch you off guard. It might not be too  difficult to handle for certain people but the downside to this kind of experience is that, it can make you vulnerable if proper care is not taken. To avoid such, learn to be more open-minded and stop being so rigid.

The journey to fame

The journey to fame may look like a sprint across the road from a distance.

It may seem like an overnight success,

Like a hassle free life, handed over on a platter of gold.

If only the level of pain endured can be unveiled,

The sleepless nights and exhaustion,

The teardrops in times of hopelessness,

The challenges faced on the way to the hall of fame,

The shame and humiliation incurred from oppressors.

Now that the fame is attained,

Yesterday’s pain seem untraceable from the outside.

But, how can it all be forgotten, when the mirror flashes a reminder of the rainy days?

The scars constantly send messages to the brain about past pain

How can the journey to fame be quickly forgotten, when it signifies the ransom for today’s gain?

So, when envy crosses your mind, imagine the prize paid,

Give credit to the days of pain,

Map out your own starting line,

Experience what it takes to attain fame,

Appreciate talent, hard-work, and success.