Better days always come.

Gloomy days seem unending at times. It becomes difficult to see beyond what we are currently experiencing. These are times when it looks like the world is caving in on us and everything is not going as planned. You curse at yourself, punch walls, and take it out on other people. Some people kick it up a notch to a point where they give up on life and kill themselves.

If only we would be a little bit more patient, if only we can fight a little harder, if only we see a little clearer, if only we can believe a little stronger. Little efforts and push can and will get us to where we need to be. Unfortunately, we make the mistake of getting caught up in the present and we fail to see the future. What you need to do instead of sobbing in that problem or situation is to make something out of it because at that moment, you are writing your success story. Make every line and chapter worth it.  Bad days last longer than they should when we submit to it more than we should. Own your days, set your goals, and make yourself happy. Finally, above all, believe in yourself and think positively because better days are closer than you think.


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