Dating an ex’s friend or a friend’s ex.

Every so often people are caught up in awkward situations where they have to make a decision to hook up with or date a friend’s ex. Is it wrong to date your ex’s friend? There is actually no right or wrong answer but since our world function somewhat on social rules, it might be a problem. So, look at it this way, is it okay for your friend to date your ex? Possible answers are, it depends on,

1.) How close the friends are- Acquaintances don’t  count as friends, therefore, you it is okay to date, if your ex and the potential new date are not close.

2) You- Do you feel like you are betraying someone in this situation.  This will matter for those who have a heart and are considerate.

3) Your Friend- How your friend feels about you dating her ex matter a lot if you plan on keeping that friendship. Talk to him or her about the possibility of dating his or her  ex.

4.) How long they have separated- Life happens sometimes and the hearts intertwine unexpectedly sometimes. If your friend has been separated from this person for more a long time, it might work out but as a form of loyalty, you should tell your friend.

If you want to be compliant with social rule, it is not appropriate to date a close friend’s ex but no one makes your decisions for you.  Also, there might be a possibility that the friend’s ex is your own soul mate, nevertheless, you should be able to tidy up loose ends by respecting your friendship.

Reasons why dating  your friend’s ex might be a challenge,

– You are at risk of jeopardizing your friendship.

-You might not feel comfortable with picturing your friend with your current partner (insecurity)

-It would make you seem like a horrible person

For reality check, always fit yourself into the scenario to determine how you would feel if it were you. Would it be okay for your friend to date your ex.

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Is it ok to date a friend’s ex?


3 thoughts on “Dating an ex’s friend or a friend’s ex.

  1. Nope, it doesn’t depend. Too many people in the world to for drama to “have to happen.” People that date a friend’s ex are pathetic to me and it is actually kind of gross… you want to go where I have been? ew…

    • Thanks for your comment. This post does not encourage dating a friend’s ex , it rather serves as a guide through thought processing about the topic. As stated in the post, it is not socially acceptable to date a friend’s ex especially a close friend.

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