When the excitement vanishes

When you get something you are passionate about, your level of excitement sky rockets out of this world. It will seem as if a whole new you has been reformed, but as times goes on, the new experience becomes a part of you. For example, when you start dating a person, you get extremely excited about your newly found love. You  then interpret this excitement as falling in love or being in love. This makes you oblivious to the fact that, the excitement will not always be there; it simmers down with time as you get closer to the person. Problems start when people sense that the excitement no longer exists in their relationship. Complaints such as, “it doesn’t feel the way it used to,” “the relationship was more fun when we started dating” all comes up. Cinderella and Prince Charming didn’t have an all-rosy relationship as we have been led to believe. When you buy something you really like, you will cherish it more than anything within the first three weeks to a month, but  after that, you are not as excited. This doesn’t indicate that you no longer cherish that thing, you have only gotten used to having it in your life.

Love is not just a feeling of excitement, it is a concrete connection  between two hearts. It is beyond the sleepless nights, butterflies in the belly, or romantic acts. It is about adjusting to your partner’s personality (both good and annoying), finding a reason to love that person even when they are not as romantic as they used to be. When you begin feeling this way, learn to sustain your excitement by finding happiness in the little things your partner does. Often times, when the excitement doesn’t seem to exist, the lovers have become very familiar with each other and it shows their relationship is growing. However, you must both work on making each other happy at all times. Communicate your feelings especially when you feel like something is missing. Sometimes partners don’t feel the need to try too hard to impress the other person as the relationship progresses.

You should bear in mind that relationships go through phases and if you expect that a particular phase will last forever, you are setting yourself up for heartaches. When it seems like the excitement vanishes, remind yourself of the love you bear in your heart and appreciate the person you’re with. Each stage of your relationship is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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May Challenge

As the year gradually slips away, it’s about time to grab hold of every second. Remember the list you had at the beginning of the year, or the to do list you made for every month till now? Bring it all out and highlight what needs to be done this month. Let’s challenge each other by making a plan to achieve those goals.

What is the one thing you have a picture of in your head but scared to bring to life? You’ll never find results if you don’t get started. Take a bold step to start working on it and believe in yourself to achieve good outcome. Spend some time each day to monitor progress and see how far you might have gone by the end of the month.