Where did April go?

Seems just like yesterday when this month began. Maybe this is why they call it April Fool, it’s unbelievable how time is moving at a speed of light. This is a reminder that, time works in no one’s favor, it goes at its own pace. We should be conscious of time and set priorities straight in order to keep up with time. Days pass by and we grow older with more responsibilities. Each day ought to be made worthwhile so that when time is far spent, you can be confident that you’ve been productive. Pace yourself, race with time so you can face your bright future.

What you are worth.

In finding the worth of any product, you must first assess it, and then negotiate to get it at an affordable price to meet your needs. However, the seller has the responsibility of setting a price and having a price limit. Some products are non-negotiable. In this case, you know yourself and you set your standards, limit, and price. Think about this for a second. What is your worth?

No price tag at all –  These are people who are available 24/7 to be trampled upon, they are like non-specified  or unmarked product. They have no purpose, no ambition, no life, and no self-worth at all. If your self-worth is less than zero, no one will value you. If you find yourself in this category, there is an emergency need for redirecting your life. It starts with finding out who you are.

Very low discounted price – These set of people manage to have a little self-worth but they are  still very cheap. Anyone can benefit from them because they are more affordable to most people. This category of people struggle with self-esteem issues and they can’t seem to place a high value on themselves.

Affordable but negotiable – These people can compromise and can easily be swayed. They are prone to being manipulated sometimes. They are viewed as confused people who have trouble establishing their true identity. They tend to give in to persuasion and peer pressure

Expensive with discount –These are people with high esteem, they are able to interact with people without being manipulated, they take a strong stance for themselves are able to draw the line when needed. They are approachable and respected by everyone.

Very Expensive and non-negotiable- People  in this category know and value themselves. They have very high self -esteem and they reflect this in all aspect of their lives. They are not ashamed of who they are. They may be viewed as being too arrogant but people who know their worth will be proud to have them in their lives. If you’ve spent your money on an expensive item, you would not want to take it for granted, rather, you will protect it, use it right, and cherish it. These set of people need to be careful not to get overboard, lest they become self-absorbed and proud.

It is important to be familiar with yourself and build a strong personality. It all starts with you and no one else can set your price if you haven’t done this yourself. You must value yourself and develop a  high self-esteem. The truth is that, people will test you to know who you are, they will persuade you to compromise and if you are not careful, you will be broken and mistreated.

Which category do you find yourself in and can you identify anyone you know who falls in these categories listed above?

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When you are being hidden

Have you ever had a friend or lover who is not proud to show you off to people? Beware, when you are being hidden from the public eye, be careful when you sense that you are not appreciated. If you don’t feel comfortable with a secret relationship, you shouldn’t get yourself unnecessarily depressed. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than you are. You are special!!  If a person is not happy to have you in his or her  life, it’s their loss. Don’t make excuses for anyone’s action, because you have no idea what their intentions are.

Analyze situations without sentiment in order to address issues adequately. You can’t trust anyone 100%, you only know yourself. Give the benefit of doubt but always have a reality check. When you are being hidden, it’s not about you, it’s something about the person hiding you. It is about the other person not being comfortable with you. That might be a sign that they don’t want you in their lives or probably for selfish reasons, to benefit from you. You must protect yourself and do what’s best for you. Surround yourself with people who will build you up and make you happy. No matter how others perceive you, having someone who can stand by you through thick and thin shows true character. You will soon discover that there are tons of people out there who will be proud to show you off to the world. You are worth more than what you think of yourself, don’t blame yourself for other people’s actions.

Settle differences before marriage.

Marriage wouldn’t make a difference, if you don’t settle your differences before getting into it. Settling your differences doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t differ in any way, but it simply means, you can tolerate and accept each other for your uniqueness. While the word “tolerate” is easily stated, it is not easily practiced. This is one of the commonly stated reasons for divorce, “due to irreconcilable differences.” These differences ought to be reconciled before marriage and below are things you can do to sort out your differences.

Communicate: The worst thing you can do to yourself is to postpone everything till after marriage. Dear reader, marriage is only an extension of your relationship. It makes you more relaxed to be yourself; for most people, they stop making effort to please their partners. In order words, the worst side of your partner comes out after marriage. Make extra effort to sort out your differences before jumping into marriage.  If you don’t agree with certain things about your partner, talk about it and see how to improve.  Communicate about what bothers you about the other person.

Forgive Easily: You should ensure that you are comfortable with who you are with. If he or she gets on your nerves so much right now and you can’t come to terms with those behaviors, you will be more irritated by their actions when married. Get yourself to a point where you can easily forgive your partner when they upset you. One thing I admire my parents marriage for is that, they argue one minute and they are friends the next minute. Their fights become more like a normal conversation and they move along without grudges. Get yourself to a point where you don’t get upset at your partner so much, a point where you can easily overlook some things they do. 

Identify what you can tolerate:This is a step of assessment. You will make list of what you like and don’t like about your partner. The dislike list is what you want to sort out in the order of “most able to tolerate” to “less likely to tolerate.”   This will help you make a decision to move on into marriage, take more time to work on  relationship, or take a bow out of it. Your decision to make.

Be Best Friends: There is nothing more soothing and rewarding than to marry your best friend. If you have a very close friend, you will understand what this means. Your best friend is the person whom you complement each other, even though, you have different personalities. The person who drives you crazy with some of the things they do, but you love him or her regardless. The person who shows up one hour late for your party but you forgive them and are glad they showed up (unacceptable without reasonable explanation when married).  You and your best friend can yell at each other and make up quickly. When you marry your best friend, you can communicate effectively, forgive each other easily, and will love each other unconditionally.

Finally, keep in mind that, some differences will never be reconcilable. Therefore, you should identify your tolerance level and be comfortable with it. You will only frustrate yourself by pushing your tolerance level.

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