Josh Duhamel and Fergie’s shared pregnancy

Josh Duhamel, Fergie

Now, is this love or what? If the guy can’t be biologically pregnant, he can at least support his wife by dressing up to look pregnant. See how proud his wife looks, showing off her pregnant husband. Good luck to this beautifully pregnant couple.

The one who supports your dreams

The one who supports your dreams,

Is your friend, your supporter

Your motivation, your lover

Your strength, your right arm.


The one who supports your dreams,

believes in you and your dreams

sees more in you than you do

helps you to see your future more clearly

provides courage for you to believe in yourself.


More  importantly, the one who supports your dreams,

truly loves you.

The same Ol’ Mistakes

We all are intimately familiar with the phrase, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Basically, none of the craziness we experience today is new. These are things our ancestors went through and regretted. Why then do we find ourselves in the same pit with even worst consequences? Why do generations after generations make the same ol’ mistakes?

It is most commonly believed that, people learn from experience or other people’s mistakes. If your friend died from being in an abusive relationship, why are you managing an abusive relationship? If you have lost a loved as a result of a drunk driver’s recklessness, why drink and drive? Many people have contracted HIV as a result of having unprotected sex, why do you still have to do the same thing and put yourself at risk? If your mom never raised you well, why must you take it out on your own children?  Teenage pregnancies are on the rise more than ever before, and most teenagers who get pregnant are children of women who had similar experience. Why is the world more messed up than it ever was? 

Even though we are recording advancement in science and technology, we are totally behind on common sense, social, and moral advancement. Open your eyes to see a new age and stop making a trail from ancient times, let’s stop making the same Ol’ mistakes.

Where is the Inspiration?: A writer’s lamentation

Long before starting this blog, there was a strong desire to discuss, write, express, and address several issues in writing. Ideas pop up in my head regarding different topics that people can easily relate with, and I would begin to write them out . Thoughts and writings are inspired by environment, people, and experience. It seemed like everywhere I turned, there was always something  to write about. All I had to do was, to pick up my laptop, pen, cellphone, and start writing. I would be in the shower and a topic will come to mind, before I knew it, lines of writing follows to support the topic.

During the research to start a blog, I found information about the challenges writers face, such as, getting  inspiration to write and staying consistent. It was further stated that, several bloggers eventually stop blogging within the first one year as a result of lack of motivation, inspiration, consistency, and other factors. I told myself, this wasn’t going to be me because, Ideas are always coming to me and I will always have something to write.

Here we are, after 54 posts, struggling to keep up with posting relevant and reasonable writings for my readers. I attest that I am now facing the challenges of a writer. Does this mean I will quit? Absolutely Not. This is a point to evaluate, assess, read many posts, and brew up inspiration. As time changes, so do priorities, and thoughts shift. It is left to us as writers, to stay focused, motivated, while strategizing on how to stay consistent. The last thing a writer wants to do is to disappoint their readers.

I  have now developed a greater sense of appreciation for the art of writing. It is more than just putting words together. It takes creativity, it takes motivation, it takes time, energy, focus, and passion.  I am more in love with writing and I appreciate all of my readers, who are the biggest source of inspiration for my writings. To every blogger  and writer out there, I commend your great effort to explore your creativity through writing; this is an encouragement for you never to give up. Cheers

Dreaming Big, acting little.

Innovative ideas crop up in minds and there are numerous aspirations to achieve. Every one is capable of developing ideas and dreaming big but only a few take action on making them come to reality. We have been taught to believe in ourselves with the mindset that, the sky is the limit, and we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. What then stops us from going to get it? Most common excuses are; limited resources, educational barriers, financial limitations, and fear of the unknown. Add yours to the list.


Dreams will remain dreams until you wake up and work towards making them come true. If there are obvious constraints, devise ways out of the norm but legal to bring your dreams to life.  Ensure that your dreams are realistic in order to strategically word towards it. All that is needed is action,  let time decide what the result will be. It is better to try and fail than to fail to make efforts. Then, you can say at the end that you have tried, regardless of how things turn out. Dream, plan, move, act, and achieve. START NOW

“It’s all about me”

These are self-centered, self- seeking, self-pleasing, selfish people. Those who demand too much attention find it difficult to see other people’s point of view. They perceive themselves as perfect and everyone else is less than perfect. They always want to be in the spotlight, always want to play victim in fights and arguments they might have caused, they always want to be the hero so that someone else can look bad. Nothing ever satisfies such people, after paying so much attention to unnecessarily details, they lose sight of their original purpose. Everyone has a little bit of this trait in them in one way or the other, but it is exhibited differently, depending on individual personalities. People who are self-centered don’t really care about other people, as long as they have their way.

Self-centered people are difficult to be with because they drain people around them emotionally. Their behaviors are interpreted as controlling and manipulative. They barely sustain relationships because, their attitude drives people away. If you are this kind of person, wondering why you don’t have friends, or why you can’t keep a long term relationship, you should recognize your attitude and make adjustments. No one wants to be wrong but you can’t be right at all times.

Single and Loving it

            While many get anxious about finding love, some actually enjoy being single. They believe, being single  is liberating and less stressful.  There is a false perception of single people always feeling lonely and depressed, but this is not always true. Some singles are more socially active than people who are in relationships.

People who love being single;

-Live life without desperately searching for love

– Set priorities for their lives and stay positive

– They know how to enjoy themselves

– Consider themselves independent

– Don’t link their happiness to dating someone

-Could care less what you think about them.