How to please your woman in 2013

You’ve been with her too long that you’ve forgotten what makes her happy. It’s not too late to make up for the times you have failed in your duties.

–         Give her  early morning treats by waking her up with romantic words that will keep her smiling all through the day.

–         Call her names that make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

–         Remind her of the reason why chose her to be yours.

–         Find out what she likes and do those things with and/or for her.

–         Acknowledge her when she needs your attention.

–         Offer to help when she needs help.

–         Give her random kisses and hugs, let her question you “what was that for?” (She likes it).

–         Correct her with love when she upsets you.

–         Pay attention to her dreams and interests.

–         Empower and encourage her in times of weakness

–         Send her random text messages to make her smile on a busy day at work.

–         Let your friends see how much you love her (It makes her feel special).

–         Tell her how much you love her in many ways and as many times as possible.

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End this relationship in 2012 or not?

man woman hands holding broken heart

Everyone desires love in one way or other and once we find it, we don’t want to let it go. No one should be blamed for wanting to be loved, it makes life worthwhile. Nevertheless, people have become so desperately in need of love that they don’t realize when the love vanishes. Many relationships have a short lifespan and they should not be extended past their expiration dates. You have been with that person for some time, maybe three months, six months, one year, or even five years. You were so happy in the beginning considering the highest display of love shown you. You got what you’ve never had before or perhaps, you haven’t felt that way in a long time. Unfortunately, things took the worst turn after some time and you began holding on to every reason but love to stay in the relationship. You know it no longer feels right, but you comfort yourself with memories you had when you started. You have considered breakup many times but you’re convincing yourself that everything will be alright and things will change with time.

Honey, it’s time to assess this again (The answer lies in your heart.)

Ask yourself these questions:

How am I presently feeling about this relationship?

Why am I with this person?

What do I really want and am I currently getting it?

Am I optimistic about this?

Am I making excuses to stay because of the fear of being alone?

How long will it take for things to change and can I hold on that long?

Do I want to continue to feel this way for the next one year?

Answer these questions honestly, being true to yourself. Keep in mind, that just as you sense that your relationship is unhealthy, so does your partner realize this. You both need to communicate and probably go through those questions together after each answering them individually. Do what’s best for you, if every writing on the wall spells BREAKUP, don’t ignore because if you fail to do it, your partner will do it or it might just blow up in your faces. Hard to digest, but it’s the truth. Happy New Year in advance.

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How to love your man better in 2013

–         List everything you love about him and make them known to him

–         Explain to him how much he makes you happy

–         Tell him why you think he is better than other men

–         Be quick to say sorry when you’ve offended him (This should melt his heart)

–         Acknowledge his passion and dreams

–         Recognize when he is going through difficult times

–         Support him as much as you can (it only make him stronger and optimistic)

–         Criticize him with love not in anger and bitterness

–         As much as you want him to please you, also allow him to do some activities of his personal interest.

–         Be open to some of his so called “boring” activities sometimes, to show how much you love him.

–         Love the people he loves (They will give him reasons to love you more)

–         Go to lunch together sometimes (It makes a work day go faster and a bit easier)

–         Send him random romantic messages to make him smile at work.

–         Ask him how he is doing as many times as possible

–         Let your friends know how much you love and respect him (They will also respect him).

–         Don’t be tired of expressing your love for him in different ways.

Ten reasons why I wouldn’t want to be you

–         There’s nothing spectacular about you

–          You ‘re more messed up than I am

–         You ain’t all that

–         You don’t even know yourself

–          I am one of a kind

–         I turn heads everywhere I go

–         My problems make me stronger

–         I appreciate myself more everday

–         You just want to be like me

–         I am proud of who I am

Blog of the Year 2012 Award and Nominations

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Blogging has helped to develop a deeper sense of appreciation for writing. Incredible posts from other bloggers are helps to create more inspiration to continue to challenge each other to be better writers.  Thanks to http , and, for nominating inkatheart for this award.

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Girls asking guys out.

History of dating proposes that men should always make the first move in  a heterosexual relationship.


 People will mostly say, “It’s more honorable, dignifying, and normal, for a man to ask a girl out.” After several feminist movements and adjustments to men’s dominance of the world, it is almost impossible to eradicate the fact that it’s a man’s world. Even though, women are more empowered today than they ever were,  men mostly initiate asking a girl out based on societal norms. In the dating world a man’s role has been set and some of the moves are already well scripted, “guy chases after girl and she plays hard to get.”  As a result of  this custom, many women wait patiently for  prince charming to come and rescue them from the haunted castle, but unfortunately, some wait till eternity.

Certain women who know exactly what they want, set out to get their men regardless of what the society dictates. Such bold women who are willing to make the first move are sometimes viewed as desperate, and shameless. A risk associated with this approach however, is the nature of men which in most cases, men will be more than delighted to grant such women their wishes. What man will not like to take advantage of such opportunity of a woman asking for a chance to date. While some women are very fortunate to ask a guy out and keep a lasting relationship with the person, many are not successful in their pursuit. Despite the extent of modernization and advances experienced in present times, human interactions are still being guided by outdated rules and guidelines that are not likely to change anytime soon.

2012 Checklist (25days to go).


Let’s take a trip back to the beginning of the 2012 when the new year resolution was made.  You might have assigned time frames to some goals or maybe you started working on things you wanted to change in the first month . Of course, the excitement of the new year urged you to a good start but then the enthusiasm level dropped after some time. Ask yourself if all you’ve set out to do this year has been acheived? If not, don’t beat yourself up feeling like you can’t still make a difference.

So, December is here and there are 25 more days to go. Let’s get started by bringing out that list and marking off items that have been completed, then select the most realistic goal yet to be accomplished.  Don’t give up just yet, wake up, make up your mind on what needs to be done and get busy ASAP.  See what you can do before the year ends.  Its a challenge, motivation, and encouragement.Let’s finish the year strong.