The Sandy Effect

Despite how confident we feel about our energy capacity and investment in security, we are often reminded of how powerless we are against natural disasters. Occurrences such as, hurricanes and earthquakes create this deep feeling of fear when home is no longer a place of safety and the only option left is to flee for our dear lives. At such moments, there is barely enough time to gather up every valuable item stored up. It reminds human race of its limitation to control only man-made things.  

Meteorologists only bounded to the duty of studying the dynamics of the monstrous storm and TV anchors showing the extent of damages done. Something about natural disasters brings a nation together to worry about the most important thing, which is the life. It forces us to focus on safety for self and loved ones. Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast with uncontrollable vigor, rumbling through great cities, leaving neighborhoods in crumbles, lives traumatized and in utmost devastation. Prayers of peace for everyone affected by Sandy.


Why Cheat, Why not get out? Many times, people are heartbroken as a result of a loved one’s act of cheating and many “why” questions are asked. You were not drugged or hypnotized, so what happened? Don’t you just wonder what makes people find other alternatives, or why self control is so difficult? The truth remains that there will always be temptation and opportunities to cheat, but commitment is a clear concept. When committed, there has been a decision to stay true to a partner and do away with others. However, this commitment is breached when there is a move past the boundaries of the relationship.

There is no mistake in cheating except you were taken against your will. The act of cheating occurs deliberately based on conscious thoughts. Before actually cheating, there will be more than enough time to consider the option, and a great amount of time to make the decision.  There will be time to think about the person you’re currently with, and a chance to accept or reject. The moment the act of cheating is done, you’ve made the decision to throw your relationship in the dumps and please yourself. The point is, why not during the decision making process, decide to end your current relationship and forget you ever made a commitment? As a matter of fact, if a person can’t stay committed, why get into a relationship in the first place?


The concept of independence can be liberating.

It is most desired by everyone,

Specifically, those who feel powerless.

A child who doesn’t like being told what to do,

A worker who feels limited in a position,

A wife who lives in husband’s shadow,

Desire to make unconstrained choices,

To take charge of destiny.

However, without a clear purpose,

Independence can be a passport to destruction,

A pathway to doom,

An avenue to loss of identity,

With uncontrollable change in attitude

A total submission to materialism,

Disconnection with reality,

Inability to stay fixed on goals and objectives,

All in the name of independence.


A character of its own
Surfing through world’s unknown
Trapped in the web of vain quests
Falter in ways to calm the thirst

Vile thoughts consume its mind
Burning as with coal flames
Eyes beclouded as though blind
Yet fixed on the goal of fame

Wandering still in anxious thoughts
Searching the world for more insight
All efforts amount to naught  
On and on in endless plight.

The Search for a Spouse

In the journey to discover a suitable partner, there will be several potential ones along the way. It would’ve been best if the future were predictable, being able  to know where life is taking you to. Unfortunately, life does not work that way, there are stages and processes to complete before reaching the final destination. Picture going to a shopping mall to get a nice outfit,  start by looking for the stores that carry things you like, then look through the racks and stacks of clothes to find attractive outfits, after this, you try each one on, and finally eliminate by what fits, or is affordable. At times, there are outfits that will almost fit but something remains amiss.

This analogy depicts the search for a spouse, not every dating relationship or courtship will lead to marriage. Just like buying an outfit, finding someone to date involves having an idea of what and who you like in order to focus on finding a match.  Some are fortunate to marry their first and only love but even then, they both experience each other evolve into who they finally turn out to be. Many however will date more than one person before they are finally able to find their actual partner. Every relationship comes with a lesson that will be beneficial to your personal growth and influence your approach to life. Dating is a blind market, meeting a complete stranger with a different background, unsure about their personality and life; it’s all about risk taking in the hopes of finally meeting the one who complements you.

The second time around.

You know what they say about second chances, “Once bitten, twice shy.” 


 A second chance comes as an option and another opportunity. Decision to take such chances depends on the first experience. Some broken relationships often get the opportunity of a do-over, parties involved must make a decision. In a situation where a relationship breaks as a result of lies and deception, whether or not it is worth giving a second chance depends on partners’ state of mind. It’s a 50/50 chance of getting the same unpleasant result or getting better outcomes. Some chances taken will end up being worse than they ever were because it is difficult to change a person’s personality, also certain things were never meant to be.

Considerations for second chance decision making:

  • Have a comprehensive assessment of previous experience.
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine benefit to you then and now.
  • Imagine all possible outcomes the second time around.
  • Finally, ask yourself as many questions as possible and be true to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with taking chances but with a stronger mind and smarter moves. Second chances in most cases should be the last chance, subsequent chances end up being redundant. Albert Einstein described Insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Make decisions for better outcomes and anything besides that is not worth taking chances on. You have to believe in getting positive results and be prepared to apply efforts.

Dreams and You

Its amazing how dreams occur

 Its like Deja Vu

An encounter with the past

The characteristics of those familiar grounds remain

And you wonder why you are brought right back to that place

Another code to decipher; a dreaded experience

It remains a hopeless puzzle to many while some dare to decipher

The long term memory remains active almost throughout existence,

it stores information and experiences in the brain

Recollection from memory reflect in dreams where you are caught relieving the past

Thoughts in connection with either the past, present or future replays in dreams.

Dwelling in the past when conscious activates those memories in a subconscious state (Dream)

Take charge of the past (sweet dreams) or remain a slave to it (nightmares)

Pleasant and unpleasant thoughts are translated and illustrated in dreams

Dreams channeled positively breeds new revelation and innovation

Dreams can create an avenue to develop a new tomorrow from yesterday.